Artwork Support & Supervision

Your music is not just music. It should be an experience. Make it one that's worth paying for.

Your physical record is supposed be your showpiece. It can be a physical extension of your music, one that brings about a physical connection with fans and reinforces the listener’s emotional experience with your music.

Nevertheless, this potential impact of album artwork is too often overlooked. Yet what is worse, in most cases it is not overlooked deliberately, but out of a necessity. After all, since artwork is one of the final cost items to be overcome prior to a release, many independent artists see themselves forced to choose for quick and cheap artwork solutions or decide to add a career as DIY graphic designers to their list of ambitions. The results are really not so pretty to put it mildly.

As KFR we discourage this ongoing trend that ruins the effect of what could have been much stronger releases. This is why we have set up our affordable album artwork supervision & support service for signed and unsigned artists.

From realizing your initial ideas to making the vinyl templates work, and from setting up an overarching artwork plan to creating profitable merch; we can help you out.

We work with various graphic designers and photographers and over the years we have built up a broad network of visual artists in a wide variety of styles.

So never mind how wild your ideas are, contact us. Let's make your artwork work.