“Blind Strawberry is an epic band. They make great psychedelic music. On stage they’re the best act you will ever see. So check them out and buy they’re great album now!”

Ok. So even though this is an exeggaration of the average terrible band bio, we hope you get the point. Poorly written bios and promotional material, full of typos, sloppy phrases and redundant information will not attract listeners or the desired attention from music industry professionals.

Well written texts make a difference. They will help your message come across and will help you engage with booking agents, journalists and most importantly, listeners.

So why should you employ one of our professional copywriters? Because in these times of a music oversupply, quality writing about your music can set you apart and successfully attract the audience you aim to reach.

Our writing will be clear and informative and in the right tone of voice for your band, style and target audience.

KFR copywriting services relate to English and Dutch promotions and include the writing of release bios for press purposes, album PR, general press releases and promotional content, among other things.

Contact us for rates and more information.