Dandelion - Long Long Long (7inch vinyl)

31st of January 2018

Germans call it Fernweh: the longing for far-off places or wanderlust. Thank God, Dandelion does not address this subject in a schlager hit mix style. Instead the band uses groovy tracks and its signature lush West Coast close harmonies. In “Long Long Long” Dandelion takes its listeners on a trip to an abandoned city in the middle of the night. Close your eyes and wander along. The atmospheric vocals are like a warm bath. In the distance you hear the unreal city’s noise shimmer. And there’s more, as a bonus this guitar theme is sure to haunt you for weeks whenever you take a shower. So rest assured, you won’t find a cheaper travel courrier than this lovely track.

This new Dandelion release is a 7 inch vinyl + lovely B-side "Brother, You Can Right All Your Wrongs".
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Release: Friday 2 February 2018
Release show: Friday 2 February 2018, Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam (support Lion's Den)
Check the video here