14th of April 2017

New website & new artists on KFR!

A new website with better compatible results on mobile phone etc. etc. That's important of course, but what's most important and what makes us so happy is the fact that this new website finally represents our roster, releases and services accurately. Our thanks & compliments go out to Wouter Tol of Zeevang Identity & Wim Tol of WMTL and of course let's not foget our moms, pets and favorite mugs of coffee for making this work.

So, in terms of catching up and updates, 2017 will be our most busy year yet with a whole list of beautiful releases coming up PLUS great new artists on the label which we will all introduce to you very soon! 

The first new addition that we are proud to announce to you is the shamanic noir songwriter The Partisan Seed from Portugal whose new album is scheduled for release in May.