Red & Blue scores!

2nd of March 2018

After the successful release of Lion's Den's first single Naoko in December, the second single Red & Blue is certainly as successful already. The video for the track was featured by the Daily Indie and today we wake up finding the track included on two of Spotify's leading playlists; New Music Friday and New Alternative.

Enjoy the brilliant track via one of the links below:


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Do not wake a sleepwalker. And of course, do not forget to pinch yourself to check whether you are really awake when you’re hearing Lion’s Den’s “Red & Blue” for the first time. After all, you don’t hear tracks like these every day. This one conjures up a whole shipload of genres, colors and meaning and is still surprisingly dreamy, tender and catchy at that. There’s a big chance that tonight in your dreams, you’ll be slow dancing to this track with your high school lover. And otherwise you’ll just face yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning, brushing your teeth, humming this track with your increasingly minty breath. Your life has never been so red and so blue.