Space is the Place

 has proven to be well-equipped to record great albums, EPs and singles and naturally, we use all the amazing modern and vintage analogue tools at our disposal to realize memorable productions.

As the name of our studio already suggests - named after Love’s legendary 1967 Forever Changes album – songwriter, producer and KFR founder Frank Bond takes a late 60’s, early 70’s song-centred approach to recording and production. To get an idea of Frank’s sound, check a list of his most recent productions below.


In our experience, every studio project requires a different approach. So please contact us so we can provide rates on the basis of your desires, plans and your available budget.

Ps. If you are in fact looking for a renown state of the art studio with a wild assortment of Neumann mics - among other things - we have the great pleasure of being located next to the Arnold Mühren Studios. Check out their website for more information.

Recent productions & projects


  • AlascA - Actors & Liars (2012)
    Engineer, producer

  • AlascA - Prospero (2015)
    Engineer, producer

  • PX Songwriter Guild CD (2015)
    Project supervisor

  • Dandelion – Everest (2016)
    Engineer, producer


  • Dandelion - The All Year Round (2014)
    Engineer, producer


  • I Took Your Name – You faded like a star on the late show (2014)
    Alain Fournier – The Evil will rise slowly (2014)
    Engineer, producer