About Us

Simply put, we are an altofuturist record label based in Volendam, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Although originally founded and conceived in 2011 by indie-folk band AlascA as a platform for musical projects of befriended artists, King Forward soon became a safe haven for like-minded artists with a DIY attitude from all over the world. We are proud to say that over the last few years we have become the go-to label for a range of services that is so wide that we can barely believe it ourselves.

As King Forward we release records, run a studio, produce records, carry out management activities, act as a copywriter for several parties, support young upcoming talent, organize events and give personalized advice based on our expertise with this frightening beast some people refer to as “the music industry”.

Despite our humble ambitions to become the best record label on this planet since Jac Holzman’s original Elektra Records, it is our simple intent to make music we love available for people we love.

Who is King Forward?

An uncle to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and brother of the Kings of Convenience. You might spot him jogging through the fields and farmlands near Amsterdam. You’ll recognize him by his fluorescent tights and his paper crown. In case you wonder: his walkman favorites are Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Chicago’ and Midlake’s ‘Head Home’.

Photo by Castor (theworkofcastor.com)