Alain Fournier † (FR)

Alain Fournier † (1987-2020) is said to be several people and all these people deny to be him. Alain Fournier is Alain Fournier therefore. He is just one of many reincarnations, a new project will be released under yet another name.

Perhaps this sounds more mysterious than it is. Alain Fournier decided that his pseudonym would change for every new songwriter release that he would do. So he is Alain Fournier at present, but will be a whole different person upon his next release. On another level and by way of an experiment, Alain Fournier decided that releases of his new material would take place in the physical world only. No Facebook, no internet, etcetera; you can hear his music live and on vinyl, that’s it.

We will release his first and final album MYTHS on 18 October 2019.
This is a limited edition Vinyl release and a limited edition handcrafted CD release that you can either buy at one of his shows, in a boutique record store or in our webshop.

The Album's lyrics can be downloaded via the black EPK download button below.