AlascA (NL)

There is no denying that we live in remarkably turbulent times. Nevertheless, artists and songwriters in particular - whose very origin lies in the expression of poetic interpretations of the world around them - have in the last two decades miserably failed to come up with artistic expressions that come close to doing just that. Where are the songs that help us come to terms with the world we now live in? We don’t need songs on what to wear today or on how some rapper’s popularity will get him bitches and ho’s and sports shoes endorsements.

We just don’t want the 2010s music era to end as craven as it began. Yes, our third album is a plea for peace, but paradoxically, it is our conviction that we need some downright honest and aggressive songs, yes even a bold and aggressive attitude for that matter,  to attack and break this prevailing, passive and faceless establishment that dominates our times.

Not punk. Not grunge. We need something to call our own.
We call it “Altofuturism”.


Our third album, Plea for Peace is out now!

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