Dandelion (NL)

Certainly you must know the quest. The search for those rare bands that have it all: colorful songs in a broad spectrum of styles with catchy twists, the desired dose of rock ‘n’ roll and lyrics that take you places. For this type of band, you roam your way through many a record store record crate, you listen dozens of playlists, and yes, you even beg befriended indie-music connoisseurs to reveal another gem in this tradition… However, all too often you end up disappointed with what you find and you return to your routine selection of long worn-out classics.

If you feel the above builds up to some sort of infomercial conclusion; a solution that will ease your pain in light of the above, you are totally right. Here it is. Grab pen and paper and add Dandelion to your treasured list.

On their debut album ‘Everest’, Dandelion conjures up the magic of ‘60’s and ‘70’s Westcoast brilliance into a personal and contemporary pop blend of fresh songwriting that will have you instantly hooked. Expect intricate harmonies in the finest of melodies driven by Crazy Horse guitars and rhythms reminiscent of The Band. Evocative as Dandelion’s sound may be, it is an intelligent synthesis that it can most truly call its own. Where ‘Everest’ fulfils its self-titled promise, Dandelion exceeds expectations live as the ‘country funk machine’ it claims to be.

The band's second album Laika, Belka, Strelka is out on 8 November 2019

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