Inge Pardon (SE)

It may be inappropriate and completely wrong to have a bio before ones debut is out.
But who gives a fuck anyway: Inge does what Inge wants! Fireworks.
Swedish soon-to-be superstar Inge Pardon introduces himself to the world with an autobiographical pop song.

”Förlorad” is true factual real event story based on real authentic genuine events from Inge’s life. Damn, have you ever heard a pop song as catchy about growing up in an industrial city without industry where you live close to the continent, but continental stuff still seems so far away? We sure haven’t! In ”Förlorad” Inge sings how you have already lost once you’re born in such a city and how boredom triggers the destructive urge to feel alive and resist.

”Varje andetag blir ett motståndsdrag, slashas är en merit”

So back to the biographical history. Inge Pardon grew up in TRBG but has worked behind the scenes in many of Malmö’s underground and indie bands since he moved there. Some of these bands are semi-famous even.
So, there, that’s it. Don’t cry.

”Förlorad”is Inge Pardon’s absolute debut and will be released through Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå Records and King Forward Records on September 18 2020.