The Partisan Seed (PT)

Filipe Miranda is a Portugese songwriter, musician, producer and visual artist with an impressive CV. Originating from Portugal's underground scene, he has played innumerable solo performances, has worked with a several of Portugal's finest bands and artists, and has composed instrumentals and landscape music for theatre plays and experimental film.

Filipe started his solo career in 2005 using the moniker The Partisan Seed to present his free composition style driven by personal, non-compromised songwriting with an emphasis on the messages of the lyrics. The Partisan Seed albums reveal a profound self-portrait of the composer through a flux of introspective and sincere songs.

The Partisan Seed is revered for his delicate acoustic guitar style, impressive vocal performances and shamanic-trance improvisations that characterize his live performances. In Portugal he has been acclaimed as one of the leading songwriters of his generation.

The fifth Partisan Seed record is scheduled for release on KFR in May 2017.